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Splex.GG Rent Service

Let the Rent Golem optimize your time and the return on your assets (RoA)!

  • Uses a sophisticated algorithm to maximize your RoA on idle cards while you do other things.
  • Scans the market to pick the optimal starting price for your cards and will gradually cycle it lower to make sure your cards stay rented
  • Checks each card individually to see whether current rents should be cancelled or updated to achieve a better return
  • Recognizes that not all cards are the same and gives each manager (that's you!) the ability to use different settings to achieve their unique goals
  • Settings can be tailored for different points in the Season to adapt to changing market conditions

Check what your Account could earn today!


Hands off

The Rent Golem was created to give us back time in our day. Just setup an account, send the cards over, and collect your rent. It's that easy!


We provide out of the box settings that have proven to consistently outperform most "manual" managers.
For power users, you can set parameters based on the day of the season and a host of other variables.

Extensive Support

We have an active Discord Server and a bunch of helpful users. The project is being actively developed and we welcome your feedback.
It will only make the service better for all of us.

Top yROA

If you're like most of us and only updated rent prices a few times a season, the Golem is likely to double or even triple your RoA!
If you were checking the market several times a day, we'll give you back that time (and probably still boost your earnings by 20%+)

One-click Invoices

We know that paying invoices is the least fun part of any service, but we've made it as easy as possible.
Manage multiple accounts with one login, and one invoice paid in either DEC or SPS - with just one click!

Multi Accounting

You can add as many accounts to our system as you would like. There are no minimum account sizes here!
A new account can be added and ready to go in under 30 seconds.

Easy to use Dashboard

Our dashboard is designed for Card Lords, by Card Lords.
It displays all the data on your managed cards including:

  • The value of your cards at the time they entered the service
  • The value of your cards now (capturing appreciation or depreciation)
  • How much your cards have earned (down to the individual card ID level) in both rents and the SPS airdrop
  • Allows easy sorting and filtering by all the metrics that we thought would be useful or that have been requested by our ever expanding user base!


Don't believe us? This is Us and our Accounts:

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Dashboard Collection

You still don't believe us?
Here are some Customer reviews from our closed Beta:

Bragurr Bragurr Splinterlands Mod Lead

Ive been super happy with the service and cant wait to see what else yall add to improve to it.

Khazrakh Khazrakh Immortal Gods

I'm really happy with the bot so far, it's been performing well above what I expected - end of season has been a blast especially. I've been cancelling and relisting my cards several times a day before using the bot but it's way more effective than I could have ever been and saves me a lot of time in the process. So ya, I'm pretty happy

Breakingbenjamin Breakingbenjamin Splinterlands Narrative Lead

This tool is fucking awesome. Can I say that here? HUGE time saver and money maker for me. I simply don't have the time to manage my rentals myself. I was losing so much in potential profit. Now, I can see what the highest ROI cards are and just sink by DEC back into those to compound my returns

MaisieWSS MaisieWSS

Everything has been going great and I love the service! I am definitely earning more for my rentals than I have ever before. Thanks again!

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