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Collection Frequently Asked Questions

1. - What is a Collection Page? Why wouldn't I just manage my cards from within the Splinterlands game itself?

The Splinterlands in game collection page works reasonably well when you only have a few cards. Once you get beyond a few cards, it starts to take more clicks than most of us want to spend to manage our account(s).

The Collection Page is designed by large account holders for large account holders. 

 We make it easy and fast to select large amounts of cards and then have a single location (the Card Caddy) to perform all the actions you might want to do as efficiently as possible.

The Collection page also offers smart filters that make it easy to do almost anything you might be trying to do.  

It's like we're anticipating what you might need, before you need it... And that's because we are.  We're large account holders too and we know the type of things we wish we had for our own uses.

Now we do - and you do too!

2. - So tell me about these features... What all can I do?

With no practical limits to how many cards you can put in the Card Caddy, or how many cards you can take action on at any time, the Splex.GG Collection Page make it easy to:

Sell your cards - we smart pricing to allow you to set your cards exactly at the market for your card type and level or a variable percentage above or below the market

Rent Cards out to others - we offer all the standard tools for manually listing your cards (but the Rent Golem can probably do it better and definitely takes a lot less effort)

Golem Control - Speaking of the Rent Golem, use the collection page to quickly and easily activate or deactivate cards or to set a minimum price for your rentals

Transfer - with an easy selection menu to pick from associated accounts, Splex.GG offers peace of mind in making sure you're not accidentally sending your cards to others.

Collection Sets - These allow you to easily select any combination of cards you own to make it easy to take action on them in the future. Many of our users use these for Brawl Cards or playing decks or managing delegations to scholars. The sky is the limit.

Other - Things like locking your cards for security, delegating cards and burning card can all be found here.

Combine - Not done from the card caddy, but a very cool feature to make it much easier to automatically select cards to combine to achieve a desired level. Can also be done in bulk!

3. - Combining ? Can I easily combine my cards and how do I do it?

The Splex.GG Bulk Combine tool is especially powerful. You can leverage our rental history data to determine the best level to combine your cards to in order to maximize returns, and then combine as many or as few of your cards as you would like.

Just click the "combine" arrows to the left of the level to start the process.

From there, you can select the level and combine, or if you want to Bulk Combine, click that button and the tools will automatically tell you how many you can have and combine them as optimally as possible.

The Splex.GG Collection Page is also fully integrated with the market, so if you are short a few BCX, you can buy them directly from this screen as cheaply as possible and then finish combining your cards to the appropriate level. This is much easier than having to do the math yourself, click to a separate page to buy, and then coming back to finish combining!

4. - Where can I find the Splex.GG Collection Page?

Currently there are a number of ways to get there:

From the Dashboard, you can choose "Collection" or click on the Account Name

From the Menu at the top of the screen, you can hover over Collection and go to any associated account.

You can also view anyone's collection at{hiveaccountname}

If you are logged in and are viewing an account that is not in your overview you can favorite it, using the big heart next to the name, so it shows up in "My cards" on the right side(Your Favorites).

5. - I saw a Views button on the top of the Collection Page. I've never seen that on any other sites. What are Views?

Views are the ways in which your cards and data are displayed. There are currently 5 preset views, with the ability to create your own coming in the future.

The information shared by all the views includes Cards/UID, Details(Foil, Edition, Rarity and Color), Stats, Level/BCX, CP, Owner.

The Default view shows some information related to everything including all the items above, plus Price at Level, Status, Delegate To/Rent Remaining, Listed Rent Price/yROA, and Listed Sell Price.

The other views are more specialized in their usage.

The Renting view specializes on rental information. The cards you see here are the one you rent out to others. This view shows General Information, Status, Delegated To/Rent Remaining, CP/DEC, Listed Rent Price/yROA.

The Playable Rentals view shows cards rented by you from others, also found as playable cards in Splinterlands. This view shows General Information, Delegated To/Rent Remaining, CP/DEC, Listed Rent price/yROA

The Selling view shows the cards you can currently sell as well as the cards posted for sale on the market. This view shows General Information, Price at Level, Low Price SL, Market Price, Top Bid, Cards on Market, CP/$, Listed Sell Price.

The Golem view shows information related to our Golem Rental manager. This view shows General Information, Status, Delegated To/Rent Remaining, Prices at Level, Listed Rent Price/yROA, Golem Active, Golem Min Price.

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