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1. - What is HP and how much do I need?

Hive Power is required to transact on the Hive blockchain. The recommended amount is 20HP per 100 cards, or 17HP per 100 cards for larger accounts. If you have cards that require frequent price adjustments (like those that depend on bot windows for rentals) you should consider raising your HP level to 30HP per 100 cards.

That said, low RC is not the end of the world (see the !RC command). RC recharges "for free" so it is almost never wise to forgo maximizing rental revenue for fear of having low RC. You can view an aproximation of the RC needed in the screenshot.

2. - What's the Rent Golem?

This service uses a bot to automate management of card rentals.

Rent Golem is its name.

3. - Fee structure of the Rent Golem

We charge 10% fee on the cards actively managed by the Rent Golem. Cards rented in other ways will not be billed.

4. - What is Archmage?

Archmage is the premier Splinterlands Battle Bot. Capable of high win rates from Bronze all the way to the Champion Leaderboard, using your collection to play for you while you, work, sleep, or do whatever you want.

5. - How much does low RC affect the Golem?

Resource Credits (RC) are used to transact on the Hive Blockchain. They recharge at a rate of about 20% per day and will fully recharge in 5 days.

The Rent Golem uses RC to list, cancel and modify pricing of your cards. It's normal to have lower RC during times with large price volatility (like around the beginning and end of the Season).

As long as you have the recommended amount of Hive Power (see the !HP command) it is almost never worth paying too much attention to your RC. The Golem will slow down some as your RC falls below 50% and slowly throttle performance as your RC decreases. However, even with very low RC, it is still likely going to adjust prices on your cards at least 10 times a day (which is way more frequently than most of us did when we were manually managing our cards.

6. - Do I need a separate account?

While it is possible to use a single account as both a rental account and a playing account, SPLEX strongly advises creating a separate account for renting and transferring your rental cards there. Rental accounts do not need a spellbook. You can create a free Hive Engine account using (just needs an email).

If you insist on using a single account for both renting and playing, be sure to uncheck "renting active" when you load the posting key for your account. Then you can go to your collection page to deactivate cards you choose not to rent. This requires more effort and it is sometimes hard to get the timing right on when to cancel yur cards before you need to play with them.

See this excellent PeakD article for step by step instructions:

7. - Archmage's explanation for ECR

ECR TL;DR: As long as your account plays at least ~25 games/day or more and doesn't drop below 50% ECR, you have taken care of maximizing your ECR as fully as needed.

The most important metrics for optimizing your earnings are your Rating and Win Rate. ECR just needs to be kept within an optimal zone (~50-99% ECR), and anything within that zone is nearly identical in terms of ECR optimization.

Ideal Bot Settings for ECR: Frequency of at least 2x/hour with a minimum ECR set between 50-99% depending on your preference.

For a more in-depth look, please read this article:

8. - How to setup Archmage.

To set up your Archmage account through, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have an Archmage Access Token (ARCHMAGEA, ARCHMAGEB, or ARCHMAGE) on the account you want to set up. You can transfer tokens through Hive-Engine.
2. Install Hive Keychain ( on the browser you're using.
3. Go to and click "login". Enter the username of the account you want to set up, then click the blue "Keychain" login button. Confirm the login with Hive Keychain.
4. Once logged in, click the "add account" button to add the account you want to use with Archmage. (image below)
5. On the account card (not in the Nav Bar), click the Archmage Token Logo ( <:archmage:1024200569268731904> , <:archmageb:1024200718548205599>, or <:archmagea:1024200649686143056>, depending on the token you have - image below) and enter your Private Posting Key (the one that starts with 5). Click "Submit Key to Archmage".
6. Once Archmage has detected your key, please submit a config including rewards delegation using (While it's possible to submit a config through Splex, our internal config page makes the rewards delegation process as clear and simple as possible.) For help setting up your config, please review this video overview:

Note: Your account will start playing within one hour as long as you have properly setup rewards delegation, the account has at least 5,000 CP, and your ECR Target and Stop At Rating settings allow the bot to run.

Add Account Example:
Splex Archmage Setup Example:

9. - Why aren't my 5 CP cards renting?

Reward cards with 5 Collection Power(CP) are currently ignored by the Rent Golem.

These cards often only rent for 0.1 DEC (if at all) and there are very many of them on the market.

For the most part, it is a waste of RC and we do not wish to overload the Splinterlands API with them.

The SPLEX team is aware that there are a few (usually neutral cards) that rent for above that amount and we may consider adding targeted 5 CP cards into the management portfolio in the future.

10. - Why is Archmage not playing?

Why is my Archmage AutoScholar not playing?

1. Check your settings and common issues at If you need help with the config, run the command !archmage_config
2. Make sure you have set up rewards delegation correctly. If you need more info, run the command !archmage_howtodelegate
3. Ensure that you have submitted the posting key. If you need more info, run the command !archmage_setup .
4. Make sure the bot is enabled.
5. Check that your account has at least 5,000 CP owned, rented, or delegated to it.
6. Check that your account ECR is higher than your ECR target in the config.
7. Check that your account rating is lower than your Stop at Rating in the config.
8. Make sure you are looking at the correct league (modern or wild) where the bot is playing.
9. Check the status of the bot in the Archmage discord( <#971798085401448538> to ensure it's up.

If everything looks correct and the bot is still not playing:

1. Submit a fresh config by changing something like the ECR.
2. Play a quick manual game with the account.

If none of these solutions work:

Tag the @Archmage wizard with your account name in <#991948504077451264> so they can check on your account.

Note: If you don't have access to<#971798085401448538> , use the /link and /roleme commands in <#994945560220024913> on the Archmage discord( to get access to the status-updates channel. For instructions on how to use these commands, run the command /howtolink.

11. - Basics of How the Archmage Handfinder Works

Basics of How the Archmage Handfinder Works

Archmage works by fielding the hands from your collection that stand the strongest chance of winning against the field of competition based on our extensive database of historical battles.

Nearly every hand in Splinterlands has a counter. Who you play, their skill, and their deck composition can make a big difference on if you win any given battle.

The Archmage handfinder does account for things like league, level, and foil when selecting hands. It is able to see your entire playable collection when making its decisions (owned, rented, and delegated).

If Archmage does not play a given hand, monster, or summoner in the way you’d hope - it’s because it’s not well represented in winning battles given the rules, league, and mana caps you faced.

12. - Why are account values different between and other sites?

The difference between other sites collection pages and our dashboard comes from our new pricing algorithm that accurately prices leveled up cards using our "bulk buy" market feature.
Single bcx and max leveled cards will be close to other sites collection pages, anything in between will be more accurately priced on our dashboard.

This will result in estimated totals not matching, our estimation being taken directly from the current market while other sites are estimating with low bcx x number of cards needed.

13. - How to delegate Archmage fees.

To set up rewards delegation for Archmage billing:

1. Go to the Archmage custom delegation panel on our config page:
2. The panel will automatically detect your token and calculate the delegation amount needed.
3. Delegate the required amount for the daily focus chests and the league (wild or modern) you want to automate with Archmage. You can leave the other league undelegated if you want to play manually.
4. Set Season, License, Land, Nightmare, and Brawl rewards to 0%, as Archmage does not take any fees from these.

Note: Make sure all these settings are active for Archmage to run. Archmage billing and rewards delegation only apply to staked SPS earned from battles and daily chests (not season). Cards, packs, merits, potions, and leaderboard prizes are not subject to this system. Rewards from your existing staked SPS are paid out in liquid SPS and are not subject to this system.

On days when you want to play manually and turn off Archmage, make sure to turn off rewards delegations first. Even if you leave all other settings on, if rewards delegations are turned off, Archmage will neither play nor take any fees.

For further guidance, you can also watch these videos:
- Overview:
- Advanced Setup:

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact on our discord in the #support section.

14. - Archmage stuff.

Using Archmage in a Mixed-Play Scenario:

If you want to use Archmage for some of your battles but not all, you have a couple of options:

1. Use Archmage for one league and play manually in the other. This way, you'll only delegate rewards for the league where you use Archmage, and all your manually earned ranked rewards will go to you (though focus chests will still have fees).
2. Use Archmage on a day-by-day basis rather than intermixed within the day. Turn it off for days when you want to play manually, and all your ranked and focus rewards for those days will go to you.

Regardless of whether you use a mixed play strategy or fully automated use of Archmage, with our billing system 100% of all Season Chest rewards are yours entirely!

If you have any questions about how to use Archmage in a specific way, let us know and we'll be happy to help. We're always working to improve the flexibility of our service and make it as convenient as possible for users. Stay tuned for updates!

15. - Cashback on bids.

As long as you buy $15 worth of cards in the past 24 hours using the bid system, you will get 15% Cashback on the market fees. If you are a SPLEXOMEGA holder you will get 25% Cashback on the market fees for cards bought using the bid system.

16. - Why can't I DM admins/moderators?

If you have private messages for that server disabled then you can't initiate a conversation with people that only share that discord server with you, this includes admins/moderators.

17. - For when you need help with the config file of Archmage.

The Archmage bot configuration page can be found at

For help setting up your config, please review this video overview:

18. - Diferences between Alpha and Beta Archmage tokens.

What are the benefits of <:ARCHMAGEA:1024200649686143056> Alpha (ARCHMAGEA) and <:ARCHMAGEB:1024200718548205599> Beta (ARCHMAGEB) Passes?

<:ARCHMAGEA:1024200649686143056><:ARCHMAGEB:1024200718548205599> Benefits
-Discounts on Rewards Delegation Billing System - Alphas delegate 15% of staked SPS rewards earned from Ranked Battles and Daily Focus Chests, Betas delegate 25%. (The Standard rewards delegation is 35% of staked SPS rewards earned from Ranked Battles and Daily Focus Chests)
- Early access and discounted rates on future features - As the Archmage project rolls out new features, Alphas and Betas will be given the opportunity to test them before they are released to the general public. Some features may also be outside the scope of the current service and made available to Alpha and Beta users for free or at a discounted rate.
- Dedicated Discord roles(only available for Archmage discord) - Alpha users have a Legendary Orange color in Discord, Beta users have an Epic Purple color, and Standard token holders have an Archmage Green color. Alpha and Beta users also have access to the "Early Access" secret Discord channel. All token holders have access to the "Access Only" Discord channel.

All Archmage Tokens (ARCHMAGEA, ARCHMAGEB, and ARCHMAGE) grant access to the automated scholar service. Standard ARCHMAGE tokens do not receive the benefits listed above, but they do have an Archmage Green color in Archmage Discord and access to the "Access Only" Discord channel (in the Archmage discord).

19. - Why doesn't Archmage play X cards?

Archmage finds hands based off historical statistical data. If it doesn't play a chicken (or 0 mana card, or any other card for that matter) it's because it did not find a team with a chicken in its dataset which it felt was better than the team it chose. We are aware of this and will be adding support to add low cost cards and more advanced hand selections at a later date. :MaxRidesTheChicken:

20. - Why Golem doesn't work/you stopped getting invoices.

Splinterlands now imposes a 1 DEC fee for every price update on the market. For this reason the old Golem stopped functioning.
We have come up with a temporary solution so the Golem can run named "band aid" until we have a more permanent change.

For the golem to run now you need to have both Renting active and Band Aid Enabled. You can find these options in the settings of the rental tab.
There are 2 customization options that dictate what cards get posted for rent or updated.
Min DEC: This is the minimum a card will be priced for rent, any card that is bellow this price will not be updated or posted for rent.
Post Lower: This option ignores the min DEC threshold once and posts a card lower. This one time ignore only posts the card on the market, it has no effect on price updates.

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