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Golem Frequently Asked Questions

1. - What is the Rent Golem service?

The Rent Golem is a rental bot focused on optimizing both your time and your return on your assets (RoA).

It uses a sophisticated algorithm to pick a starting price to list your cards (based on a bunch of factors including current similar cards listed, bids to rent that card, card liquidity, similar cards currently listed with the service and our historical data). If the card doesn't immediately rent, the service follows user customizable settings to make sure the card rents at as high a price as possible as quickly as possible by periodically cycling the price lower until it rents.

There are a variety of built in settings to follow certain specific trading strategies, and users are allowed to build their own from scratch.

2. - Ok - but how does it actually work?

We will load the in game name for your "management" account into the https://Splex.GG/ dashboard and you can log in and add as many "rental" accounts to the service as you want.

Once you've added a rental account, you add the private posting key, activate the renting service and then just sit back and collect the DEC.

It really is that easy.

You can use whatever account you would like for your "management" account but there are a few things to keep in mind:
- There is a good chance that as you compound your profits back into renting more cards that you will end up with multiple rental accounts, so you may not just want to use one of your rental accounts as a management account.

- The service provides an easy "one-click" way to transfer the DEC earnings and SPS from the airdrop back to your management account, so you may want to consider that.

- If you're setting up a "sweep" account to collect your profits into for accounting/tax purposes, you probably want to use that as the management account because then you can easily transfer both the DEC from renting and the SPS from the airdrop. The "sweep" account will contain all the earnings from your assets and not be cluttered with your earnings from playing ranked battles and tournaments etc.

- I went really simple and just used my "main" account for my management account. There are no keys required for the management account so no security concerns at all with whichever account you choose.

3. - Wait - did you say you needed my keys? Really? Is that safe?

We do need a private posting key (the one that starts with a '5'). The posting key can't do any transactions to transfer any monetary value out of your account.

From your cards' perspective, it can't be used to do anything that isn't allowed when your cards are locked. So, the Rent Golem can rent your cards, it could delegate your cards, and worst case it could combine your cards. We only use it to rent cards (if you would like to combine your cards, you can do that manually on the SPLEX collection page).

No token transfers of any kind are allowed with a posting key - so "Yes - it is safe. We're requiring the bare minimum access to perform the services we provide".

For more information on keys, see the official Splinterlands documentation below:

4. - What else do I need to know about how the service works?

While there is an ability to turn on and off individual cards for renting, by default, the Rent Golem will rent all cards on an account.

For this reason, we recommend you load separate account(s) to the service to manage your rentals. As your card collection grows, you may decide you want multiple accounts segmented by card type to allow you to more easily employ different renting strategies for different types of cards. We've got a lot of market experience and a bunch of helpful users in our Discord that are happy to share their knowledge to help you achieve the highest possible returns.

Once you have an account loaded, the Rent Golem will starting listing all Summoner cards and Monster cards 5 CP or over. This basically means only Chaos Legion era 1 BCX common cards will not be managed by the golem.

For a helpful article on how to rent and play from the same account, please see this documentation written by one of our users:

5. - Why doesn't it rent my Chaos Legion era 1 BCX Common Reward Cards? Doesn't that hurt my returns?

Those cards have saturated the rental market and rarely rent before the end of the season (EoS).

Historically those cards end up sitting on the market for 0.1 DEC, not renting and generally just slowing down the service and the rental market as a whole.

In short, they are a waste of Resource Credits.

6. - Oh yeah - Resource Credits Does this service require me to have a lot of Hive powered up on my account?

The service is pretty resource credit intensive.

The Rent Golem will be constantly scanning the market and adjusting your cards on a card by card basis to get you the best returns.

There are settings for lower RC scenarios, but in general you will want to have 15 - 20 HP per 100 cards on your account. As your card counts go up, the HP required per 100 cards goes down a bit (because more cards can and will be batched in a single transaction).

You can either buy the Hive on a site like or lease it from a site like

7. - This all sounds pretty cool - but I already rent my cards with just a few clicks through PeakM. Is this really that much better?

Our experience has been that our users typically get double or even triple the revenue they got renting the cards manually. This is largely because most users only tend to check their card prices a few times throughout the season. Their cards are vastly underperforming their rental potential and the Rent Golem will be able to do significantly better.

We've done some side by side comparisons with really active rental managers and found that they generally see a 50 - 60% better revenue performance. If you're checking your accounts and updating your card prices a couple of times a day, you may fall into this category.

If you're REALLY active and managing your cards on a card by card basis 6 - 10 times a day then we're probably not going to make you a lot more - but we are going to give you your life back. You'll still likely get better returns, and you won't spend your life making fractions of a penny a click on PeakM - let the Rent Golem do that for you.

8. - That sounds like it may be worth it then - but how much does this all cost?

We charge 10% of the revenue that we make for you.
The Rent Golem follows a traditional property management model like you would see with real estate or other assets (because that's really what it is).

9. - Hmm... Ok. If I sign up, how do I pay you? Do you just take the funds directly out of my earnings?

We only have a Posting Key and posting keys don't allow us to transfer tokens from your account. If you enable DMs from this server, we'll DM you an account snap shot at 0000 UTC each day.

It includes lots of useful information, but also has a link on it to pay your invoice with 1 click. Currently, you can pay in either DEC or SPS and we ask that you pay once every 7 days.

If you're going out of town or otherwise not going to be able to pay within that time period, please DM @GenepoolChlrn8r to let us know and we can make arrangements.

There is also a link on your Accounts overview page that will allow you to pay invoices with one click. You can designate which account you want to pay the invoices from.

10. - How can I check on how my account(s) are doing performance wise?

The Rent Golem also provides a Dashbard to help you manage your account and see how each card is doing on a card by card basis. We are very sensitive to protecting our customer's data so we won't allow anyone else to see your dashboard. That said, Yixn and I both share some of our accounts so that our users can get an idea what cards we're renting with the service (and at what levels to get the best RoA).

You can see those accounts below:


11. - Got it - I think I understand it all but reserve the right to have more questions in the future. How do I sign up?

If you're ready to sign up, just message @GenepoolChlrn8r or @Baddie with the name you want to use for your management account and we'll get you loaded.

Genepool is in the US and so may be unavailable if you're in a different part of the world. Baddie is often online during sleeping hours in the US and so is better positioned to provide service to customers from Europe. Between us both, one of us is generally always around to get you loaded and/or answer your questions.

Once we've got you loaded, you can follow the instructions in the #onboarding on discord to start loading your rental accounts.

Welcome to the service - we're excited to have you join our growing club of Card Lords!

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