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Splex.GG Roadmap

This is our rough overview of what to expect of this page in the future!
We would like to present you the Splex.GG Roadmap:


Renting Golem Alpha
Getting started, work on a general proof of Concept.
Rudimentary Dashboard
We are renting out Cards ourselves and we know, that the market is missing analytics with a focus on renting.
Wild Cards
Up to this point, we only support modern cards. Cause the calculations for level/bcx/xp are quite different for older ones
We know that a lot of you are sitting on a bunch of wild cards, so stay tuned for this.
Streamlined UX
From a design and user experience standpoint we have to get over the state of rudimentary controls and information on the Page
Improve the Algorithm!
There is always room for Improvements! We have issues with a few edge cases that we want to address in this part

Fine Tuning!

Card Market
We know that buying card has never been easier, but why not make it even better?
Automated Card Buying
Ever wanted to buy cards solely for renting? It is a gruesome act and we want to make that easier for everyone!
Settings sets applied by Filters
This is a huge one, being able to filter for cards and apply rules for the bot to follow.
Got a lot of maxed gold foil cards in an account?
Let the bot handle them differently
More Stats
We ourselves are extremely data driven and i think a lot of you can't get enough data either.
This also includes a lot of Graphs EVERYWHERE
Lots of other improvements!
We will never stop to improve, there's always work to be done!


Card Pawning
This whole thing started with the idea of users being able to pawn cards for DEC. But what to do with the pawned cards?
Of course, rent them out
Season long renting
We have a system in mind, where we would be able to offer season long rents via delegations.
SPS Node Service
As soon as the nodes get public, we will be offering a service to run your nodes.
We are in talks with a few other services in the Splinterlands ecosystem, let's see if we can find common ground to improve your experience.
Whatever you can come up with
We are always happy to hear your feedback over on our Discord
Have a great idea how to improve?
Noticed strange behaviour of the Rent Golem?
Talk to us
Retirement? I don't think so
There is no end here, we will always be here to create new awesome services for you!

Waiting for Blockchain